Pampus Island with the kids from Language Café

With the money we raised with our Racani Treasure Hunt in the city center of Amsterdam we organized a social, fun and cultural trip for the kids of ALC. These children come from Amsterdam Nieuw-West and most of them have a Moroccan background. Their parents belong to the first generation of guest workers in the Netherlands. Since, these children don’t speak Dutch or English at home they got supported with extra lessons. Because not speaking these languages at home leads to some disadvantages in school. With the support of ALC they will get these additional lessons to increase their perspective on integration into Dutch society. With the money of the Treasure Hunt we took them away for one day, to get them out of their normal environment. To let them discover new places as well, just like the people did during the hunt.
Trip to Pampus
At the end of their school year we took the children to the Island of Pampus, just outside Amsterdam. The day started early, we gathered together at 9.15 at their school building in Nieuw-West. We went by bus to the Central Station and with the Tram to IJburg where the ferry was waiting for us. The group consisted of 15 children, 4 teachers, 5 Rotaracters and Koen. Koen is the owner of Koentact (a language school for expats) and the initiator of this project.
From IJburg we left with a ferry to Pampus. On the island we did all kinds of great activities and we had lunch. Everybody enjoyed the sunny day and had a great start of their summer vacations. Hopefully we can built a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with Koen and the children. See you all next year!